Saturday 14 December 2013 - Café Manouche - Hot gypsy jazz

Café Manouche - Hot gypsy jazz

Ketton Showtime of touring performances

Saturday 14 December 2013

8 pm

Northwick Arms Hall, Ketton PE9 3TA

Booking: Adam Cade  01780 720 521   £8

Sweet accordion, fiery guitars, playing gypsy jazz 
the old fashioned way from dizzying waltzes to slick be-bop

Café Manouche is brought to you by three brothers from the Stamford area; Matt Kerry (guitar), Jonny Kerry (accordion, trumpet, vocals) and Christian Hamblin (double bass), joined by Arthur Tyers (guitar), occasional sultry vocals by Natalia Douglas and various other guests. The group play an eclectic mix of styles, ranging from the sounds of the swinging 1930’s and the Waltz-Musette of Parisian dance halls, to Latin Bossa Nova, traditional gypsy songs and the slick, up tempo sound of 1950’s Be-Bop. 

Café Manouche play in the distinct style of The Hot Club of France and are highly influenced by old players such as the Ferret family, Oscar Aleman, Tchan Tchou Vidal, as well as the more modern styles of Charlie Parker and George Benson. This accordion led band are quickly making a name for themselves and are notorious for playing their music with endless new passion, grace and a maturity that is often lost in this style today.

Come and prepare for the Christmas season and let Café Manouche transport you back in time. 

See their latest Youtube video and their website.