New Programme 2019/20

Friday 11th October    Paspatou – World Music
Friday 1st November    Jonny Kerry Quartet
Friday 6th December    Three of the Best
Friday 3rd January    Trois Pas d'Ici  (from France)
Friday 7th February   One Voice, One Cello and a Mad Belgian
Friday 6th March    The Shackleton Trio
Friday 13th March   Clica Drona (from France)
Friday 3rd April     The Idumea Quartet – International string quartet
Friday 1st May   The Rheingans Sisters
Friday 8th May    Minima - Silent Film & Live Music

Friday 11th October Paspatou – World Music

Paspatou create a unique and eclectic world music mix on a dazzling array of instruments, including fiddle, bouzouki, flutes, keyboards, whistles, saxes, drums and weird pieces of kitchen plumbing. They fuse traditional music from Eastern Europe, India, and Ireland ranging from the eccentric beats of Balkan dance music to sinuous Irish airs and Indian ragas. The 4-piece band are festival regulars and have played at Glastonbury and Stamford's Riverside Festival. Graham Dale on flutes, sax, keyboards, homemade blowing things,Graham Starkie on mandola, bass, Miriam Forbes on violin, and Jay Goldmark on guitar, bass and drums.

Friday 1st November Jonny Kerry Quartet

The Jonny Kerry Quartet is an acoustic ensemble inspired by Gypsy Jazz, New Musette, Classical and Tango music. The quartet performs dynamic and lyrical arrangements of both standards and original compositions that draw upon diverse international rhythms and musical idioms. The Quartet is led by accordionist Jonny Kerry and completed with guitarists Harry Diplock, Ducato Piotrowski & Mike Green on double bass. The band is made up of some of the UK's top musicians in the genre who have performed at hundreds of events throughout the UK.

Friday 6th December Three of the Best

A concert with three great local professional musicians – Harpist Eleanor Turner, soprano Caroline Trutz and clasical guitarist Steve Bean. They will each perform a sparkling mix from Hildegard de Bingham to Lady Gaga and living classical composers. Ellie has performed classical harp worldwide but is also a member of the folk band Ranagri, a leading expert on contemporary harp music, a composer and producer. Caroline has performed many of the classic operatic roles across the UK and France. She is also on the music staff of Nottingham University as well as conductor of Rutland Choral Society. Steve plays much of the classical guitar repertoire but also plays flamenco and popular pieces by The Beatles and Queen.

Friday 3rd January Trois Pas d'Ici

Our annual New Year French dance introduces a great new trio from France in one of the country's oldest public ballrooms. Trois Pas d'Ici is three young women playing wonderful traditional music from Poitou, as well as the Auvergne and Sweden. With two driving fiddles and diatonic accordion, they produce some great dance music including couple and circle dances such as bourées, mazurka, scottish, valse, etc. And to top it all they also sing in harmony for dancing. As they say “hear our strings (vocal and steel), bellows, keys and bow.” with Nina Lachia and Marie Peyrat both on violin and Lucile Marsac on diatonic accordion, as well as voices and bellows.
at Stamford Arts Centre . £10 Booking - Stamford Arts Centre 01780 763203
19:30 Workshop. 20:30 pm Bal

Friday 7th February One Voice, One Cello and a Mad Belgian

One Voice, One Cello & A Mad Belgian is a unique collaboration between jazz-cellist and singer/songwriter Rupert Gillett and soprano saxophonist, melodeon player and singer/songwriter Jennifer El Gammal. They delve into jazz, rock, folk, pop and more using only a cello, soprano sax and voice, while at the same time singing songs about robots, space invaders, bogey men and other serious issues of the day.

Rupert regularly performs in a number of ensembles such as Dai & the Ramblers (Ace Records), She'Koyokh, The London Klezmer Quartet and many more. Jennifer's musical projects include the modern jazz trio Uživati and the unique folk band Virevoltes, featuring melodeon, celtic harp and percussion.

Friday 6th March The Shackleton Trio

A highly original and energetic musical force just as likely to move you to tears as to move you to your feet. Frequently referred to as one of the hardest working bands on the scene, The Shackleton Trio is gaining significant UK and International exposure, becoming an in demand name on the folk circuit. 2018 saw plays on Mark Radcliffe's Radio 2 Folk Show, an appearance on Cambridge Folk Festival's main stage alongside a host of UK and European festivals and international tours. The Shackleton Trio are Georgia Shackleton (fiddle, vocals), Aaren Bennett (guitar) and Nic Zuppardi (mandolin).

Friday 13th March Clica Drona (from France)

This is traditional dance music from Gascony of the very best from three talented musicians playing an array of instruments from the nickelharpa to the boha bagpipes. They make a wonderful drony sound but anchored in the tradition. Their music - half traditional and half compositions, mix instrumental and polyphonic songs but all great dance music for rondeaux, polkas, scottishes, waltzes and congos.

Dani Detammaecker on tambourin à cordes, percussions and harmonica, Aina Tulier on violin and nyckelharpa and Adrien Villeneuve on Gascon boha bagpipes.

Friday 3rd April The Idumea Quartet

The Idumea Quartet is an international string quartet specializing in traditional Appalachian folk music played with a chamber music aesthetic influenced by minimalism. Mix fabulous string playing with beautiful harmonized singing and the result is a sound which is as high and lonesome as it is symphonic. Blending tradition, experimentation, and sheer nonsense in roughly equal measure, the Idumea Quartet deconstruct and reconstruct Appalachian folk music, drawing strong influences from Minimalism and experimental music. The Idumea Quartet is: Jane Rothfield and Ewan Macdonald on fiddle, Becka Wolfe on viola, Nathan Bontrager on cello.

Friday 1st May  The Rheingans Sisters

The Rheingans Sisters make playful, powerful and richly connecting music that is wholly contemporary while deeply anchored in folk traditions. The award-winning multi-instrumentalists, composers and folk scholars were nominated for 'Best Duo/Group' at 2019 BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards. Over the last five years, audiences across the UK, Europe and Australia have been captivated by the duos very special live performances. Performing live, the sisters are inimitable; full-hearted performers and spontaneous, on-stage improvisers, with adventurous use of fiddles, voices, banjo, bansitar, tambourin à cordes, spoken word, dancing feet and percussion. The Rheingans Sisters will release their much anticipated fourth album in Summer 2020.

Friday 8th May Minima - Silent Film & Live Music

The Cabinet of Dr Caligari (1920) (U)

Acclaimed instrumentalists Minima perform a spine-tingling live soundtrack to the strange and thrilling 1920 German silent psychological horror classic for its 100th anniversary. A mysterious carnival hypnotist unleashes a sinister sleep-walker to do his wicked bidding. Made in the aftermath of the First World War, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari is the quintessential German Expressionist film masterpiece. Robert Wiene’s distorted sets, sinister shadows and unnerving characters creating a paranoid, unreal world at a time of despair throughout Europe. Drums, bass, guitar, cello, double bass, synthesiser and dulcimer stalk the film, complementing the film’s unsettling experience of mistrust and madness.