Water Tower Bucket Boys

The Water Tower Bucket Boys

Tuesday 13th September 2011 8 to 10 pm 

After five years on the road, four albums under their belt and multiple international tours The Water Tower Bucket Boys have been brewing up a storm in the folk music world. They have performed on the BBC and shared the stage with the likes of Mumford & Sons.
Based in Portland, Oregon, these young gents got their start busking on street corners playing traditional old time and bluegrass, eventually honing their sound as a solid dance band playing square dances and bluegrass festivals up and down the west coast of America. Loosely based in the traditions of bluegrass, Cajun and country their sonic creations transcend all musical boundaries. With the lightning energy of their stage performances, authentic songs featuring tight 3 part harmonies and powerful instrumentals the band is a favourite amongst folk music connoisseurs throughout the US and Europe.

A terrific rip-roaring show, guaranteed to get your audiences up and dancing!